Festival of Ancient Heritage

Svishtov, September 18-20, 2009

The second Festival of Ancient Heritage will be held in Svishtov, from 18 to 20 of September, 2009


The Roman legionary camp and early Byzantine town Novae is situated two kilometers to the east of the town of Svishtov. The ancient town had been established as a Roman legionary camp of VIIIth Augustan Legion around 45 A.D., and in 69 A.D. – the year of the Four Emperors – the Ist Italic Legion had settled there. This famous legion took part in many victorious campaigns by Rome, and was a reliable guard to Empire’s borders for centuries to come. A great historic value to Novae adds its statute of a residency to the Ostrogoth King Theodorich the Great in the end of the 5th century A.D. From Novae started the famous ostrogoth campaign to Rome that eventually led to the fall of the West Roman Empire. In Novae the Goths received their baptism in Christianity and their first writing, under the first Gothic Bishop St. Lupus (Wulfila).

The First Festival:

In the last days of June 2008 at the beautiful Danube town of Svishtov, Bulgaria, a Festival of Ancient Rome was held, named “Eagle on the Danube”. The title clearly shows festival’s content – reenactment of the military life and battles between the Roman Empire and enemy tribes, including a rich cultural program - and this initiative established itself as a forum for connecting fans and enthusiasts of Antiquity from different ends of Bulgaria and Europe. The different sections of the program were visited by more than 25,000 spectators, the reenactors on the 2 most activity-intense days (Friday and Saturday) were 200, representatives of 8 different countries – Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Russia, and Bulgaria. The festival’s organizers received letters of acknowledgements and reviews from foreign organizations and diplomatic missions; the event itself was covered in more than 50 press stories in print and electronic media.

The Sequel:

The festival will be held again this year, in Svishtov, from September 18th to 20th. In this second edition, the focus will be extended to a broader historic period, with the participation of many new reenactors from Bulgaria and abroad. The event will cover:

  • International Conference on History “Goths in Moesia and Novae”
  • Triumphal parades under torch lights
  • Battles between Roman legions and barbarian tribes
  • Reenactments of ceremonies and religious processions of the ancient times
  • Gladiator fights
  • Authentic Thracian dances and rituals
  • Demonstrations of Roman artillery
  • Achievements of ancient science
  • Exhibition of the Goth presence in ancient Novae with undisplayed artifacts
  • Culinary recreations and exhibition “Roman and Thracian cuisine”
  • Roman market
  • Drama and comedy plays by Roman and Greek authors

Places of events

  • the Castrum of Svishtov Stadium
  • the Arena at Kaleto Fortress
  • the Central Town Square
  • Nikolay Pavlovich Art Gallery
  • Museum of History
  • Tourist Visitor Center “Novae”

For further details:

Council of Tourism - Svishtov
5250 Svishtov
2, Dimitar Hadjivasilev Street
e-mail: info@visitsvishtov.com
phone (+359 631) 60 371
(+359 631) 60 373
phone/fax (+359 631) 60 768

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