Svishtov becomes the arena of gladiatorial combats and marches of Roman legions

The Fourth Eagle on the Danube Festival will be held in Svishtov between 27 and 29 May 2011

Valete Dear Friends,

We are pleased to invite you to the biggest festival in Bulgaria for recreating the events of the glorious past of our land. Two hundred reenactors and tons of weapons will meet near the Danube. At the end of May (27-29.5), the Roman fortress Novae (now known as Svishtov), will become the scene of marches of the legions, gladiatorial combats, Barbarian invasions, battles, contests and a bunch of surprises that will bring you into the times of our ancient ancestors. For lovers of classical culture - plays, recitals and exhibitions. We would be honored if we lose ourselves together into History!


Si Vales Bene Est, Ego Quoque Valeo (a Roman greeting, "If you're good, then I'm fine") For any questions, please contact our organizing committee

The Fourth Edition

Svishtov will become arena of gladiatorial combats for the fourth consecutive year, as the unique for Bulgaria reenactment festival Eagle on the Danube will be held in May. The Festival recreates ancient history - life, culture and military clashes between Imperial Rome and the tribes and peoples of the known world (Thracians, Dacians, Goths). There will be a presentation on Roman cuisine (enjoys fantastic interest), shooting the Roman Artillery (ballistae, scorpions and catapults), a symposium on ancient civilizations, theater. There will be an ancient-like skills challenge for the little gladiators and a television quiz for their elder peers - lovers of ancient history.


One of the great successes of the festival is the fact that for three years it managed to enter the international calendar of events, and groups not only from Europe but from USA show interest in it. This year we expect reenactors even from Bangladesh and India! The festival has already established itself as a meeting forum for antiquity lovers from different parts of Europe and the world.


The Eagle on the Danube will involve groups of historic reenactments from Svishtov, other parts of Bulgaria and across Europe. The festival will present antique weapons and war reenactments, the customs and culture of the Thracians, Dacians , Romans, Goths and others.


Organizers of the event are Svishtov Municipality and Council of Tourism - Svishtov. In its previous editions the festival received support from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Culture and the Italian Embassy.

The Award

The award for "Contribution to the conservation of cultural heritage” will be presented during the festival. First winner of this award is Professor Bozidar Dimitrov. He is now chairman of the committee that determines this year’s winner. Mr. Boyko Borisov was the winner of this award in 2010, because of his contribution in the fight against treasure-hunter raids as Secretary of the Interior and the strong support which he has as Prime Minister in this regard.

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