Svishtov becomes the arena of gladiatorial combats and marches of Roman legions

The Fifth Eagle on the Danube Festival will be held in Svishtov between 25 and 27 May 2012

Valete Dear Friends,

We are pleased to invite you to this year's Festival of Ancient Heritage "Eagle on the Danube" which is the fifth in a row and hope to be the best so far.

This is the biggest festival in Bulgaria for reconstruction of events from the glorious past of our land. Two hundred tons of weapons and reenactors will meet near the Danube River. At the end of May (25-27), the Roman fortress of Novae (now known as Svishtov), will become an arena of legion marches, gladiator fights, barbarian invasions, battles, competitions and a bunch of surprises that will bring you in the times of our ancient ancestors.

Participants will recreate the Roman legionaries and auxiliary, peltasts and Thracian horsemen, Gothic soldiers and Dacians, senators and patricians of Rome, nymphs from Dacia and vestals of the temple of Vesta.

There will be competition for antique beauty - a real contest, other than orchestrated art competitions in which participants will be from all groups of reenactors.

The annual award for preservation and promotion of Bulgarian cultural heritage will be given, winners of which were Prof. Dimitrov, Prof. Stoyan Denchev, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, the Italian Ambassador Stefano Benazzo.

This year's cultural program

Among the varied program of the Festival stands out the performance of "Nabucco" - on May 26, Saturday, from 9 p.m. at amphitheater Kaleto open-stage .


Baritone Alexander Krunev takes the main role of the Babylonian king. In the role of his greedy for throne adopted daughter Abigail plays Elena Baramova – Svishtov’s favorite soprano of the audience from the performance of "Norma" two years ago, when she sang the title role. The role of the beautiful and modest Fenena - beloved daughter of Nabucco is played by mezzo-soprano Petya Tzoneva, and young tenor Peter Kostov is in love with her as the Jewish prince and commander Ismail, who always impresses the crowd with his Italian "Pavarotti" voice. Plamen Beykov plays the central bass parts of Zechariah, the high priest of the Jewish people. Also starring are Evgeni Ganev - bass and Alexander Baranov - tenor.

Master of the choir who has the difficult task to present itself in some scenes as choir of Jews and others - as Babylonian soldiers, is Hristo Stoev. Conductor of the production especially adapted for the open-stage of Svishtov amphitheater will be Yosif Gerdzhikov.

Historical reenactment

Historical reconstructions are very popular in Europe and all developed countries, and thousands of amateurs participate as members in history reenactment clubs (reenactment is a kind of performance, aimed at recovering certain aspects of the historical period or event).

We believe that participation can only live to help our country exhibits its vast cultural heritage, to build respect for the artifacts from the past and to encourage young people to take pride in the ancient history of our land.

We would be honored if we lose ourselves together into History!

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This year the festival guests will be able to see the opera "Nabucco" by Giuseppe Verdi, performed by State Opera - Ruse


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