For the 7th consecutive year Svishtov becomes the arena for gladiator battles and marches of the Roman legions

The festival "Eagle On The Danube" VIII will be held in Svishtov between 16 and 18 May 2014

Valete Dear Freinds,

We are pleased to invite you to the biggest festival in Bulgaria that recreatse events from the glorious past of our country. Two hundred reenactors and tons of weapons will meet at the Danube. In mid-May (16-18 May 2014) the Roman fortress Nove (now known as Svishtov) will become an arena of marching legions, gladiatorial combats, barbarian invasions, battles, contests and many other surprises that will bring you into the times of our ancient ancestors. On May 17, Saturday, will be held the official opening of the principles, baptistery and episcopal complex recovered under the project"Novae - the Heart of the Legion"!


Si Vales Bene Est, Ego Quoque Valeo (a Roman greeting, "If you're good, then I'm fine"). For any questions, please contact our organizing committee

The 8th edition of the Festival

Svishtov will become an arena of gladiatorial combat for the seventh consecutive year. The oldest in Bulgaria reenactment festival "Eagle On The Danube" will be held. The Festival recreates ancient history - the customs, culture and military clashes between imperial Rome and the peoples and nations of the known world (Thracians, Dacians, Goths). This edition of the Festival returns to its authentic place - the ancient Roman town Nove, partially restored and spectacular exposed as a result of the implementation of several projects in the last decade.

Novae - the Heart of the Legion

In the period 2012-2014 the Municipality of Svishtov implemented a project through Operational Programme "Regional Development". The project was entitled "Novae - the Heart of the legion. Socialization and exhibition of Roman military camp and ancient town of Novae - I stage" and the municipality participated in the announced grant scheme: BG161PO001/3.1-03/2010 "Support the development of natural, cultural and tourist attractions".
The main objective of the project is to increase the tourist potential of Svishtov municipality through restoration and promotion of the ancient town of Nove as an attractive specific tourist product.
The project involved the restoration and conservation of most of the existing archaeological sites (Episcopal complex), an attractive reconstruction of the headquarters of the First Italic Legion (principles) and creating outdoor scenes for conducting reenactments of the Roman military life - fights, sports games, theater etc., creating tourist routes, infrastructure and accessible environment, and development of marketing and advertising related to Novae.
The official opening of the objects recovered in the project will be held on May 17, 2014.


The Eagle on the Danube Festival involves groups for historic reenactments from Svishtov, other parts of Bulgaria and across Europe. The festival will present antique weapons and war reenactments, the customs and culture of the Thracians, Dacians , Romans, Goths and others.


Organizers of the event are Svishtov Municipality and Council of Tourism - Svishtov. In its previous editions the festival received support from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Culture and the Italian Embassy.

The Award

Two awards will be given during the festival - "Contribution to the conservation of cultural heritage" and "Contribution to the popularization of Bulgarian history." The first winner of this award is Professor Bozhidar Dimitrov. He himself is the chairman of the committee that determines the winner this year.


Municipality Svishtov

Council of Tourism-Svishtov

Museum of History - Svishtov

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