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The tenth edition of the Festival of Ancient Heritage "Eagle on the Danube" will be held from 5 to 7 June 2015 and it will involve more than 300 reenactors from Italy, France, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. The Festival is hosted by the Municipality of Svishtov and groups for historical re-enactments "Legio I Italica" and "Cohors I Thracum c.R." at the Council of Tourism - Svishtov.

For the second year the Festival is held in the Roman legionary base near Svishtov, which is the most well studied, preserved and now and the best the exposed military camp in the northeastern border provinces of the empire. The first edition of "Eagle on the Danube" was in 2008 and since then every year in late May and early June over two hundred reenactors from several European countries gather in Svishtov three days to make a unique performance from the audience. From 2013 onwards the festival has autumn edition - "The Vines of Novae" that within two days from September notes our glorious past.

The festival recreates ancient history - lifestyle, culture and military clashes between imperial Rome and the peoples and nations of the known world (Thracians, Dacians, Goths); a rich cultural program and has become a leading forum for the meeting of the lovers of Antiquity from different ends of Bulgaria and Europe.

The "Eagle on the Danube" will take part groups for historical re-enactments, as of Svishtov and the country and throughout Europe. The festival will show as antique weapons and military re-enactments, and customs and culture of the ancient Thracians, Dacians , Romans, Goths and others.

Organizers of the event are the Municipality of Svishtov Museum of History - Svishtov and Tourism Council - Svishtov. In previous editions, the festival has received support from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Culture and the Italian Embassy.

During the festival, the Mayor of Svishtov will award the traditional awards "Eagle on the Danube" for contribution to the promotion of Bulgarian cultural heritage to His Excellency Xavier Lapeyre de Cabanes, the Ambassador of France in Bulgaria and for contribution to the preservation of cultural heritage to the prominent Bulgarian archaeologists Prof. Pavlina Vladkova-Baycheva and Prof. Evgenia Gencheva.

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